Box Subscription

If you like our products soo much that you want them on a regular basis without having to worry about ordering repeatedly, the box subscription is perfect for you. 
It's super easy to kickstart your subscription. 
All you have to do is: 
1. Whatsapp/Text us at: +91 9833337474 saying Nutlings Box Subscription and we will send you all the details. 
Couples of things to remember: 
1. Box Subscriptions charge your entire subscription period in advance. (But don't worry, in case you want to halt your subscription we will only charge you for the months you have used it for and an extra month after that. The rest of your money will be refunded.)
2. Only registered customers on our website can avail Box Subscription. (That means you must have an account on our website)
3. Benefit: All the customers who have subscribed to the Box Subscription get a constant 20% discount and free deliveries on all their additional orders.